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Passionate employees are engaged employees. A culture and an environment has been created for them to thrive. These employees believe the work they do is contributing to the company's success. Passionate employees work relentlessly towards the companies mission and goals.  They don't just live up to the companys expectations, they create them, they are loyal and dedicated, empowered by passion, creating high standards and owning up to their achievements!




Qualifying candidates is what's most important in creating your culture. Claudio Consulting will take the load off your shoulders and source, vet and interview potential candidates. We will get to know you, understand your company goals, find ideal applicants and provide you with qualified candidates, meanwhile saving you time and money.


Assessments and Testing

Managers use employee assessments and surveys to allow them to scope job requirements, evaluate how potential employees fit jobs, and identify changes that will keep employees engaged. Your candidates will be given an assessment of their learning index, verbal skill, verbal reasoning, numerical ability, numeric reasoning, behavioral traits, energy level, assertiveness, sociability, decisiveness, accommodating, management, attitude, independence and objective judgement

At Claudio Consulting we are certified to read your candidates assessments and make recommendations based on the results.  You will find your productivity skyrocket with the right candidate. 

On-boarding and Review Process

Why on-boarding is so important. Because turnover is expensive, astronomically so! It's vital that all organizations hold on to their people and we provide a well-designed on-boarding process tailored to your business. It hurts to lose a great employee and it's very frustrating when new employees move on. This results in turnover, loss of productivity, loss of revenue and loss of current employee morale.  Most companies do not value the on-boarding process and they don't take the time to develop an effective employee on-boarding process.  Claudio Consulting will create the culture for you with an effective pre-boarding and on-boarding process that assists you in the weeks prior to the employee start date, their first week, 15-day mark, 1-month, 6-months, 9-months and 1-year.  Get the results that you desire by creating culture! 

Social and Multi-Media

If you’re not building social media into your recruiting efforts at this point, you’re not really recruiting on par with the industry standard. Claudio Consulting uses social recruiting to source candidates for you and help you build your brand and reputation to recruit. We use a variety of social media sites to recruit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Social recruiting is about being authentic, relevant and active.  In 2016, Facebook had over 1.70 billion users, LinkedIn 450 million, Twitter 320 million, Instagram 400 million, and Google+ 300 million users*. (iCIMS*) At Claudio Consulting, we will determine your ideal candidate, create a posting schedule focusing on your message and build your social brand all while recruiting qualified candidates. 

Reputation Management

Now-a-days, if you have a ding on your social reputation you are in jeopardy of affecting your bottom line. You may ask why and there is an easy answer! Skilled, intelligent candidates will not work for a company that has issues with ethics, poor treatment and favoritism. Employer brand is an increasingly powerful tool in creating a competitive advantage in today's market. Draw out the uniqueness of your company’s brand and reinforce a compelling dialogue with candidates through creating a culture that empowers employees by gaining their trust and loyalty, at Claudio Consulting we will help you clean up your reputation, get you on the right track and assist you in creating the culture you desire.   

Coaching, Training and Counseling

Coaching is a different approach to developing employee's potential. With coaching, you provide your staff the opportunity to grow and achieve optimal performance through consistent feedback. At Claudio Consulting, we will take the time to survey your employees and work with you on training and coaching. Let's create the team you always desired by creating culture! 

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Claudio Consulting will survey employees attitudes, burnout tendencies, passion factors, loyalty, workplace climate and competitive intelligence which, are key indicators for employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

Employee Retention

High employee turnover costs business owners in time and productivity. Claudio Consulting specializes in assisting you with strategies to retain your employees. 

Environment, Health & Wellness

Claudio Consulting will access your current environment and make warm suggestions. Teach and implement health/wellness coaching and training to your employees.  You may receive and enjoy benefits from insurance providers in doing so. Claudio Consulting, will help your employees make wiser, healthier eating choices, weight management, create workout plans and assist in implementing the wellness plan. 

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Take a different approach into the recruitment world! At Claudio Consulting we assist our clients in creating a culture that is a major company asset.  Services include but not limited to, sourcing, vetting, interviewing, assessments, testing, on-boarding, review process, social and multi-media, reputation management, coaching, training, counseling, employee satisfaction, surveys, employee retention, environment, health, nutrition and wellness.


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