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Passionate employees are engaged employees. A culture and an environment has been created for them to thrive. These employees believe the work they do is contributing to the company's success. Passionate employees work relentlessly towards the companies mission and goals. They don't just live up to the company's expectations; they create them. They are loyal and dedicated, empowered by passion, creating high standards and owning up to their achievements!

Sourcing, Vetting, Interviewing

Qualifying candidates is what's most important in creating your culture. Claudio Consulting will take the load off your shoulders and source, vet and interview potential candidates. We will get to know you, understand your company goals, find ideal applicants and provide you with qualified candidates, meanwhile saving you time and money.


Qualifying candidates is what's most important in creating your culture. Claudio Consulting will find ideal applicants and provide you with qualified candidates; all while saving you time and money.

If you’re not building social media into your recruiting efforts at this point, you’re not really recruiting on par with the industry standard. Claudio Consulting uses social recruiting to source candidates for you and help you build your brand and reputation to recruit.

Nowadays, if you have a ding on your social reputation, you are in jeopardy of affecting your bottom line. At Claudio Consulting, we will help you clean up your reputation, get you on the right track and assist you in creating the culture you desire.

Managers use employee assessments and surveys to allow them to scope job requirements, evaluate how potential employees fit jobs, and identify changes that will keep employees engaged.

You will find your productivity skyrocket with the right candidate.

social media & multimedia management

Coaching is a different approach to developing employees’ potential

Let's create the team you always desired by creating culture!

Claudio Consulting will help make your employees make wiser, healthier eating choices, assist with weight management, create workout plans and assist in implementing a wellness plan through health and wellness training.

Why is on-boarding so important? Because turnover is expensive! It's vital that all organizations hold onto their people, and we provide a well-designed on-boarding process tailored to your business. Get the results that you desire by creating culture!

High employee turnover costs business owners time and productivity. Claudio Consulting specializes in assisting you with strategies to retain your employees.


Take a different approach into the recruitment world! At Claudio Consulting, we assist our clients in creating a culture that is a major company asset. Services include but are not limited to: sourcing, vetting, interviewing, assessments, testing, on-boarding, review process, social and multi-media, reputation management, coaching, training, counseling, employee satisfaction, surveys, employee retention, environment, health, nutrition and wellness. Contact us for more information, or to book a consultation today.

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